The Chrysalis + Instinct Amulet Art Project: Self-Portrait is a based on the premise that our IDENTITY serves as our best protection: It helps us to stay in the LIGHT: A true WARRIOR advances toward POSITIVE results and DEFENDS the GOOD in his/her LIFE.

The Self-Portrait Art is based on three guiding goals: Self-Realization * Self-Value * Self-Respect * With an end goal: Self-Worth* Thirteen grade 9 students signed up and attended after school, in a classroom with lots of natural light, offered by the Principal. I brought the art supplies: the young artists created the ART. Truly EDUCATIONAL for everyone involved, in this Community Service based project.

Each Self-Portrait work BEGINS the: A Brilliant Star We Are *Self-Portrait* Art Gallery©.

Brilliant Stars
Be Free. Live Truth.
Thank You!


New Moon ~ August 2017

Mindful Release

Brilliant Star 4: The character: ME is locked up and chained which represents being closed in and alone. But CREATIVITY in the mind grants him a key that symbolizes escape or freedom from the binding chain holding him back.

The character is still not responding to creativity because he cannot be “different”. His own imposed limitations are keeping him imprisoned.

Good and bad ideas are being released from his mind. Yet one of the weirdest of ideas: his FREE WILL is granting him the freedom.

Will he honour his free will?

Will he be TRUE to himself?

Will he use the key?

All good things possible always…

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