The Chrysalis + Instinct Amulet Art Project: Self-Portrait is a based on the premise that our IDENTITY serves as our best protection: It helps us to stay in the LIGHT: A true WARRIOR advances toward POSITIVE results and DEFENDS the GOOD in his/her LIFE.

The Self-Portrait Art is based on three guiding goals: Self-Realization * Self-Value * Self-Respect * With an end goal: Self-Worth* Thirteen grade 9 students signed up and attended after school, in a classroom with lots of natural light, offered by the Principal. I brought the art supplies: the young artists created the ART. Truly EDUCATIONAL for everyone involved, in this Community Service based project.

Each Self-Portrait work BEGINS the: A Brilliant Star We Are *Self-Portrait* Art Gallery©.

Brilliant Stars
Be Free. Live Truth.
Thank You!


New Moon ~ December 2017

My Light

Brilliant Star 8: My self-portrait is about discovering who I am on the inside.

The candle’s flame represents my light. It is my freedom in a dark place. It is positioned before me so that it may show me the way. I believe that my light will direct me to find the right path.

The universe surrounds me so I feel secure in this space. I guess it represents the pressure of everything leaving me.

I discovered that when things get dark in my head, I have the power to turn on my light. And as long as I keep the light on, it will lead the way to a better place.

This project was amazing and helped me face the darkness inside of me. It is a part of me that I know is real. The power to turn on the light is also real, and it helps me to understand who I want to become.

All good things possible always…

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