Each of us comes here with a star, may we be guided to let it shine with all the pure light wishes our heart makes ~ Miss Fifty

New Moon ~ April 2017

New Beginnings

Miss Fifty began as a passion of my heart project. When life redirected my path out of the classroom and away from my students, I was meant to understand that SAVING my own life had to come first.

My career as a teacher was cut short due to many years of mental health and physical health challenges: eating disorders; anorexia; bulimia. So I made the choice to LIVE and reclaim ME.

After years of piecing my life back together, I found myself in a healthy body, with a functioning healthy mind, and a heart full of passion. So I made my way back to my work with young people: ONLY this time, it would be out of the classroom.

Miss Fifty’s fieldwork is ALL about giving back by providing the opportunity for YOUTH to voice their impressions of the world around them, and their place in it, through the Conversation Series and Self-Portrait Art.

Youth Mental Health Statistics are in, and they are painting a very grim picture of our Youth’s overall health. Our Modern Culture is a factor to these statistics, amongst other contributing factors. We each have a responsibility to these numbers. Each number represents a young person’s life.

I believe that when we come into service, in our own community to those who are the most vulnerable, an incredible change takes place within our own life: We find our way back to who we are meant to be.   

All good things possible always…