Daily, people around the world are inundated with images and messages from POPULAR CULTURE (marketing) mainstream media: ads, movies, television, music, Internet, social media: depicting unrealistic beauty, sex, violence, hatred, as acceptable and normal. These disturbing images and messages dictate impossible and unhealthy standards of: How we should behave; What we should look like; What we should wear; What we should eat/drink; What music we should listen to; What cars we should drive; Where/how we should live; How much money we should have; How much we should spend; Why we should hate… This creates a toxic environment led by comparison: If I don’t look like the model in the magazine… If I don’t have the shoes/clothes/phone… If I don’t hate… I won’t measure up. Popular Culture (Pop Culture) mainstream media images and messages influence and affect everyone – with Self-Esteem absorbing a compromising hit. Most especially at risk, is the world’s YOUTH: their young minds are still developing. At this critical stage of development, a positive or negative relationship with: identity, body image and beliefs will be formed. Pop Culture marketing is expert at popularizing: What Should Be – even at the cost of psychological damage. Why? The bottom line: Profit.

12 Conversations: 12 Youth: 6 Male – 6 Female

New Moon ~ November 2016


Does POP CULTURE mainstream media images and messages affect your SELF-ESTEEM?

Youth (Male) #5:

It doesn’t affect me really. I’ve always been the odd one out and, over time, I’ve learned to not let this bother me. I’ve built positive self-esteem by being resistant. By being the odd one out.

It also helps that I’m not on social media.

I have my group of friends: We’re about thirteen in all and we look out for one another. I also have many acquaintances that I like, but I don’t consider them my friends.

When I think about self-esteem and how mine could be compromised, I can say this: I am affected by the injustice in situations. Particularly, when people hurt others.

Also, my self-esteem would definitely be compromised if: I did something wrong that made my family and friends think less of me. I do not want to hurt the people who love and care for me.

All good things possible always…