Daily, people around the world are inundated with images and messages from POPULAR CULTURE (marketing) mainstream media: ads, movies, television, music, Internet, social media: depicting unrealistic beauty, sex, violence, hatred, as acceptable and normal. These disturbing images and messages dictate impossible and unhealthy standards of: How we should behave; What we should look like; What we should wear; What we should eat/drink; What music we should listen to; What cars we should drive; Where/how we should live; How much money we should have; How much we should spend; Why we should hate… This creates a toxic environment led by comparison: If I don’t look like the model in the magazine… If I don’t have the shoes/clothes/phone… If I don’t hate… I won’t measure up. Popular Culture (Pop Culture) mainstream media images and messages influence and affect everyone – with Self-Esteem absorbing a compromising hit. Most especially at risk, is the world’s YOUTH: their young minds are still developing. At this critical stage of development, a positive or negative relationship with: identity, body image and beliefs will be formed. Pop Culture marketing is expert at popularizing: What Should Be – even at the cost of psychological damage. Why? The bottom line: Profit.

12 Conversations: 12 Youth: 6 Male – 6 Female

New Moon ~ September 30th, 2016


Does POP CULTURE mainstream media images and messages affect your SELF-ESTEEM?

Youth (Male) #4:

I believe that the NEW pop culture ABSOLUTELY affects and influences today’s modern youth.  Our new society is creating unrealistic stereotypes and NEW norms that should not be.

Pop Culture can push you to the limit!

Look at the lip challenge put out by a “certain” female celebrity, last year, on how to get her “puffy” lips!  This crazy NEW trend, in which teens attempted to get lips like her, sent many young people to the hospital! The teens that took on her challenge placed their lips in small glasses and sucked. The results were savage: bleeding lips, facial bruising, burst blood vessels and PERMANENT painful disfigurement of the lips. All this because of the act of one EGO driven celebrity!

We should always try our best to not be influenced by things that we see or read, in pop culture. We should always try and form our own point of view.  We should, also, as much as we can, remain neutral in the face of pop culture’s challenges and trends. We should not act without thinking of the potential harm and consequences.

Even if some aspects of pop culture bring us joy and happiness, it can just as easily create unrealistic standards, points of view, and ideas.

All good things possible always…