The Chrysalis + Instinct Amulet Art Project: Self-Portrait is a based on the premise that our IDENTITY serves as our best protection: It helps us to stay in the LIGHT: A true WARRIOR advances toward POSITIVE results and DEFENDS the GOOD in his/her LIFE.

The Self-Portrait Art is based on three guiding goals: Self-Realization * Self-Value * Self-Respect * With an end goal: Self-Worth* Thirteen grade 9 students signed up and attended after school, in a classroom with lots of natural light, offered by the Principal. I brought the art supplies: the young artists created the ART. Truly EDUCATIONAL for everyone involved, in this Community Service based project.

Each Self-Portrait work BEGINS the: A Brilliant Star We Are *Self-Portrait* Art Gallery©.

Brilliant Stars
Be Free. Live Truth.
Thank You!


New Moon ~ May 2017

The Two Me’s

Brilliant Star 1: I’m hyperactive, I know I have two sides to my personality. My self-portrait explains it. I can be really quiet and do my own thing but, actually, I can be really wild and crazy. These two sides, in my art, creates “my person”.

I know I have the ability to find the positive in each person, or things. Each time I say something negative about someone or something, my mom asks me to say good things about it. For example: I used to be in a hard period of my life and I didn’t stop trying to denigrate myself. So for each negative word I said, my mom asked me to name three qualities that I owned.

My painting didn’t turn out the way I wanted, but I’m finding the good things in it. Maybe, one day, I’ll find all the good reasons!?

On the colourful side of my work, it describes my calm side and things that I like. On the darkness side, it has some weird shapes that represents the “crazy” me. The two sides make me think about all my qualities: determined, organized, effective, creative, sensitive etc…

All good things possible always…

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